Representative Services

The following is a listing of representative matters:

Health Care

  • »  Dispute between insurance company and pharmacy benefits management company involving claims of fraud and breach of contract
  • »  Claim brought by hospital against physician group involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and fraud concerning the establishment of an ambulatory surgery center
  • »  Case initiated by resident contesting his discharge from a residency program
  • »  Dispute between Hospital and Physician Group over the operation of an orthopedic surgery center and allegations that certain physicians breached fiduciary duties to the center by developing a competing surgery center
  • »  A Payor/Provider case involving allegations by a hospital that an insurance carrier failed to pay contractually negotiated reimbursement rates
  • »  A dispute between a hospital and a corporation that provided consulting and management services to hospitals and health systems
  • An arbitrator must take the steps necessary to ensure that the parties trust the process; even if they disagree with the outcome, they should believe that the hearing was fair. 
  • »  A case between a physician and an insurance carrier in which the physician claimed that his participating provider status had been improperly revoked
  • »  A Payor/Provider dispute between an insurance company and a medical group involving the question of whether the medical group could be reimbursed for services provided by independent contractors
  • »  A medical negligence case regarding treatment issues of a deceased resident of a nursing home
  • »  Breach of employment contract claim including allegations by physician that hospital had failed to support his practice and fraud claim regarding calculation of compensation
  • »  Case involving post-severance issues concerning a career agent and sales manager for an insurance company. Issues involved client solicitation, defamation, tortious interference, and HIPPA
  • »  Arbitration commenced by a physician against a major health care system regarding an employment contract dispute including compensation and post-termination obligations
  • »  A payor/provider dispute involving allegations by a hospital that an insurance company violated a prompt pay statute


  • »  Claims brought by an international airline against a national airline maintenance company involving significant damage to a commercial aircraft
  • »  Case brought by major paint manufacturer against contractor for non-payment related to major construction project; counterclaim that specialty paint was defective
  • »  A dispute between a franchisor and franchisee over numerous operational and financial issues
  • »  Case involving termination of franchise agreement and subsequent dispute between franchisee and franchisor